Stake Your Life on This!

Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments. (Deuteronomy 7:9)

Life is so crazy, right? This is such a tumultuous world we live in and our meager little lives can seem, well just that – meager. Need a little encouragement in light of that? I do to. We all need to get recharged and refocused in our lives. Let’s face it, on any given day, any given week, any given period of our lives, events and circumstances around us can make us feel rather insignificant. The antidote to that? Well, I think we need something bigger to hold on to rather than the paltry little things we normally settle for. Eager to grasp anything for significance, we often settle for the morsel rather than the mountain.

I recently found such Kilimanjaro-sized significance by meditating once again on that verse above. Wow, what a mountain of significance to be found there for those ready to climb the heights of the wonder of our God, then plumb the depths of its riches for their lives! Won’t you go on this grand expedition with me?

That is, after all, what is intended in that verse. When it says, “Know therefore that the Lord your God is God,” we are being invited on a quest. A quest that will take us away from the mess of our own lives and refocus us on the One who made us and who wants us to enjoy Him. So stake your life on that! All sound a bit risky? Well, the verse seems to address that potential fear too. That is the point of the verse referencing the faithfulness of God. Because He is faithful, we don’t have to fear the vulnerability of staking our whole identities on Him. I am pretty sure that verse means to say just that! We are truly anchored in life when we stake the claim of our lives on the mountainous faithfulness of our loving God!

Wow, pause and let THAT sink in. What a monumental, life-altering truth. That truth is the death blow to the entire self-help industry out there. Not that they don’t intend good for your life, it just seems its always, well, a temporary good if at all. What does God invite you to? The love and faithfulness of knowing and enjoying him – for a thousand generations! Want a free Bible study lesson at this point? When the verse talks about his love and faithfulness lasting a thousand generations, it does not mean it runs out at a thousand and one generations. No, that is the way God is say His love and faithfulness never run out. A thousand generations is an endless period of time. Being showered constantly with His love and faithfulness never runs out for those who love him and keep his commandments – and Old Testament way of saying making Jesus the King of your life.

Wanna come on this life-changing quest to the heart of God with us? There are two ways to begin. First, you have an open invitation to join us. In fact, we have been so impacted by this truth we are starting a new local church in the Kittery, York and adjacent areas of the Seacoast to proclaim this God far and wide! Come join us at Renew Community Church for our real-life home Bible study fellowship on most Sundays. We are seeking to gather a group of people to go on this quest as we launch a new church in the area. Second, share this blog post far and wide with everyone in your email address book and especially with all your Facebook friends. Please forward this out as we are trying to gather as many people as possible to start this new journey to the heart of God together.

You can contact me here. If this blog post has meant something to you, take the two steps mentioned above and then reach out to me with an email and lets talk!

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