What the New Year Holds for Renew Church


Whether you want to admit it or not, and whether your ready for it or not, the New Year is here to stay.

For Renew Community Church the New Year holds some exciting potential! After an unexpected Fall season, we are praying and preparing ourselves for a good start in 2017. We are beginning to fill out a calendar of events in the first quarter of the year that will, Lord willing, allow us to begin to gather together, to reach out and engage. As most of you are aware of by now, we start off with our Informational Fellowship on Thursday evening February 9th from 7-8:30pm at our home. We are excited to have a worship leader with us that evening who will lead us in “Behold our God”  and “The Power of the Cross.” I can’t think of two better songs to get Renew’s life started off than these two! As God’s people we should seek to always keep our gaze on Him! For as we look to Him we find our strength to engage in life with one another and as we then behold our God together in a corporate context, we find strength to reach out with the Good News of Life in Christ to the lost.

Want to get ready for our informational fellowship and set your heart ablaze with a vision of our God? Click on the two songs above and they will take you to where you can listen to each one of them. I am providing this so that if these songs are new to you, you can come on Feb. 9th prepared to worship! So what can you expect on February 9th? We will have an intimate gathering at our home where we will have some food, fellowship, vision-casting, worship and prayer for the lost. I want to encourage you each to consider who you might bring to that event who might have an interest in being part of Renew Community, or who might go out and share with others about our new church.

Beyond that evening, here is just some of what you can expect to see coming:

Renew Community Fellowship Meals and Prayer: A regular gathering beginning approximately a week later (stay tuned for exact date/time)
“Ring in the Spring” Block Party: We did one of these in the Fall but we thought moving it to Spring would be a nice touch!
Hosting Mission Teams: Renew has just formed a relationship with an out of state church that will begin to send mission teams this coming summer

Where do you fit into all this? I’d love to explore that with you but in the meantime, let me personally invite you out to our Informational Fellowship where you will worship with brothers and sisters in Christ, hear what God is up to in expanding His kingdom and get a vision of how you can be a part of what God is about to do.

Go Hard after God in All Things!


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