A new church for the community begins!

Its on…God willing!

Do you have a green thumb? I’ve never been much of a gardener – though I’ve always wanted to have my own fruit and vegetable garden that I start, maintain…and hopefully enjoy the fruit thereof! I’d never say I have much of a “green thumb,” but I love the idea of lush plants, growing things and enjoying their beauty. My wife and I have the joy of being first time home owners – what a blessing from God that is! Though the never-ending “to-do” list isn’t exactly the highlight of my free time. I am also not much of a “fixer upper” kind of a guy (though that’s a story for a different blog post).

So what abou385d201bc0ae51b59213159c6563a738t my “green thumb”, or lack thereof? Our favorite room in our new home is a sun room on the backside of the home. Not original to the home, a subsequent owner had it added on at some point. Regardless, it was a definite selling point for us when we viewed the home throughout the search process. As you would expect, its full of windows, allowing beautiful sunlight to flood the room at all angles. It’s a cozy sort of room because of the presence of the sun. It’s also a great room for plant life to bloom also because of all the life-giving sun flooding its space. So when we closed on the home and I moved in ahead of my family who were yet to be in Maine, one of the first things I did was to purchase some plants at the local Home Depot, expressly for our beautiful sun room. I’ve since given over their care to my talented wife. We love to see their green lush leaves flowering because of the sunlight, adding beauty to the entire room.

Makes me think of Zechariah 4:10. Most of us would probably need a little extra time just to find that more obscure book of our Old Testaments while we probably scratch our heads, wondering why we should even go to that obscure place deep in the Old Testament. Well, this verse will help you understand why the investment of time would be worth it. That verse is encouraging. Its inspiring. It “gives life” to the weary soul who stumbles across it. It will fill your soul with beauty and life – just as those beautiful plants in our sun room, soaking in the life of the sun, fill our hearts and souls with the overflow of their beauty! And if that verse flows with such life for us,  I cannot begin to fully comprehend just how beautiful and uplifting it must have been for God’s chosen people – the first recipients of that ancient prophesy. God’s people were used to small beginnings. If you’ve ever read any parts of the Old Testament of the Bible, you’ll quickly get that idea. Its as if God had some intention of creating small things, seemingly insignificant things. Small things are just the beginnings of things. But things get watered. They get fed. They prosper and then, with just the right amount of nurturing, they bloom into something BIG. Something beautiful and meaningful. Then, and only then, do you get to look back and understand that out of meager beginnings come significant things!

That is a great analogy of what church planting is all about. Not much to see at the beginning, to be sure. Hence the idea of “planting”. All things planted need time to grow. They need to be nurtured, fed, watered, given plenty of sun light. If cared for the right way though, beautiful things will come. Significant things. Things that begin to give life to all those who behold what God has done.

And so it is with Renew Community Church. We are starting small, but don’t despise us for that. Its the best soil for God to do the cultivating and to grow something beautiful in His timing. Like our lives. We’d love to invite you all out to be a part of that process as Renew Church gets started this coming Thursday night, February 9th. Come, be a part and let God cultivate your life (renew it – hence, our name). As many of you know, we have our Informational Fellowship this coming Thursday at our home (see website and our Facebook page). We start at 7pm and we’d love to have you!

Let us know what you think about that verse, about the way God delights to bring beauty our of small beginnings…The Lord rejoices to see His work begin!

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