Longing to Labor in Prayer

Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us but, we are a nation that prays!


Research organizations who specialize in polling statistics have for many years chronicled the fact that Americans are a people who pray. The Pew Research organization recently published that “55% of Americans say they pray every day.” Since we as a nation are direct descendants of our English Puritan ancestors who first landed at Plymouth over 300 years ago, it shouldn’t surprise us that prayer is still deeply ingrained in our national identity. Of course, this supposed commitment to prayer should not be taken as any clear evidence of our understand or commitment to a thoroughly biblical understanding of the Christian faith or a biblical understanding of prayer. Notwithstanding, the fact that so many of our friends an neighbors, Christian or not, have a tendency towards prayer is a great pre-evangelism tool. That is, it can be used as a discussion starter that can then lead to a Gospel presentation.

But enough of that for now. Moving on to what is a thoroughly biblical understanding and commitment to heart-felt prayer – I long to pray more! In fact, I long to become one who labors in prayer as the constant mode of my life.

How are you doing at it? What are you doing to elicit it in your life? For many yearsI have wanted to grow deeper in my understanding of a biblical theology of prayer while at the same time growing more practiced in a continual habit of effectual, biblical prayer. As part of this, we recently spent a few Sundays studying prayer in our Sunday evening small group in our home, as part of Renew Community Church – the Church plant that I lead. One of the last verses we studied on prayer was this one by the Apostle Paul – Pray Continually.” Short and to the point – right? Well, I want to excel in what Paul means by this. I want that spiritual life indelibly marked out by an unceasing prayerful attitude.

I long to be so intimate with my heavenly father that I pray unceasingly – that I pray just like my savior did in his short life on this earth!

And as our church plant gets started – Renew Community Church, my desire has been that we become a church that fulfills this command on prayer, not only individually but corporately as well. I long for Renew Community Church to become a church that makes hell shake by its commitment to prayer! I long for Renew Community Church to become intimately engaged in the act of a continual lifestyle of praying. One that would be seen as uncommon. One that is marked out by bold, mountain-moving, kingdom-expanding, life-saving, prayers that leave a legacy as a result of their power!

I hope God’s Holy Spirit burns that same commitment indelibly in your own identity. Need some help, like me, to become more prayerful? I hope some of these resources are useful for you. Let me know what you think. What you have found helpful.




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