Our church planter, Ron, along with his wife Melissa and their two children Nathaniel and Samuel moved into York early in 2016 to begin their new ministry. They are real everyday people, just like you, who raise their kids, manage a home and work hard alongside of many of you in the community.

Currently, we are in the “gathering” stage of this new church. We are seeking to find a group of people who desire to study the Bible in a home setting. We’re trusting God to display his goodness to us as we posture ourselves for many years of ministry history. But maybe you’re thinking about visiting us soon – we’d love to get to know you.

Our desire is that Renew Community will be a place where you can feel comfortable, without any expectations. A place where you can feel comfortable in getting involved. A place that you will soon begin to call home. A place where you can bring your family and have the confidence that we will take that investment seriously. We know that life is super busy. But if this is you, or sounds like something you want to try, please contact us and learn of our next meeting date.

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