Got the Holiday Blues yet?

It’s that time of year…whether your ready for it or not.

The holidays are upon us but for so many people it won’t be a time of celebrate. While the holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and celebration, unrealistic expectations, whether from ourselves, our friends…and definitely the culture in which we live – force upon us all a “Cookie cutter” mold as to what type of temperament/personality we should have at the holidays. Life is too complicated, and pain and disappointment go too deep, and last too long, for us all to somehow become “Buddie” the elf every holiday season!

So what are we supposed to do? How do we bare one more holiday season that we’d rather forget and just get on with another lack-luster new year? If any of these sentiments ring true with you, remember, you are a significant and unique person who has much value because you were created for a purpose by a God who does not make mistakes! Forget about all that the holiday season brings that we’d rather forget, and cherish that basic Christmas message that in the birth of Jesus we have God coming in the flesh on a divine rescue mission precisely because He LOVES….YOU. Yes, this holiday season don’t cover up all you’re actually struggling with. Don’t “grin and bear” just one more holiday season. Rather, let this be the holiday season that marks a positive and lasting change in your life by simply focusing on God becoming flesh out of love for you, and His heart of compassion that sees all the pain your dealing with. Yes, He really does see it.

Yes, even though you probably have many questions about this (how does God exist if evil does, etc.), remember not to ignore the message of Christmas. And another helpful tool for the holidays…..don’t go through it alone! Reach out to a family member, a faithful friend (hope you have one in me) or a counselor, and let them know what you’re really going through this holiday season.

For those of you who know me, and those of you who don’t but will see this blog boosted throughout FB, I would love to be here this holiday season and offer you some real hope that will get you through feeling just a little more hopeful. After all, that is the basic message of Christmas – HOPE. Hope born in the form of that little child.

So if you just can’t bear putting on your “Buddie” the Elf personality this Christmas season, will you take just a minute, reach out to me, and let me know how I can pray for you this holiday season? You can reach out to me at this helpful link (of course, if you’re my personal friend, then you can call my cell and we will hang out and talk). But to all, please reach out with where you’re at this holiday season, and let me be praying for you. In all of our hurt and questioning about God and if He hears our prayers, simply let me do it for you this holiday season. Consider it my Christmas gift offer to you!  Oh yeah, I’d love for you to include your name when you shoot me your request so I can pray specifically to God for you, but if your inclined to not submit your prayer, then leave it empty and shoot the request over.

If it seems too unrealistic with where you are at to wish you a holiday season rich in love, friendship and happiness….and a similar new year to boot, then I hope you have at least a holiday season with just a little bit more simplicity, love and hope in it.


Not feeling like Buddie either (Ron)

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