Our Story

Nearly two years ago, Ron Plocinski, our church planter, received a call from a church planting representative inquiring about Ron’s potential interest in moving from Long Island to Maine to start a new church. You know what happens next because your now reading about the story on the website of Renew Community Church!

We wanted a name that communicated why we exist and what we’re all about. With that in mind, we felt that the word Renew captured everything in a nutshell.

The word “Renew” is found in two places in the New Testament of the Bible: 2 Cor. 4:16 and Col. 3:10. In both of those places, the idea of transformation, or renewal, is what the Bible has in mind. We are “wasting away”, meaning our outward bodies, the flesh and blood parts of us go through this continual process of decay the older we get. This “wasting away” is not merely a physical reality – it’s a spiritual one. Sin entered the world and has separated us from God. The main message of the Bible is that sin entered the world through Adam and Eve (our first parents) and the consequences of that original sin is that every human being throughout history is born into this world separated from God due to the consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin – consequences we have inherited being heirs of the first man and woman God created.” But that is not where the story ends! The good news (gospel) is that through Jesus Christ (the son of God) we can be reconciled with God through repenting of our sin and believing in the work of the son of God in his death and resurrection for all who would make God their king.

Much has transpired in those two years. Renew Community Church is now a new home church startup in the Kittery and York areas of Southern Maine. Currently, we are in the “gathering” stage. We are seeking to find a group of people who desire to study the Bible together who desire to then live out that message among our communities.” So if you are interested in what life is all about – big questions such as, “Why am I here?” “What is life all about?” “Is there a God and how can you know Him,” then we’d like to invite you to come check out Renew Community Church. For more information about how to do just that, please contact us today.

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